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About Our Company

Remodel is a leading expert when it comes to building or remodeling either residential houses or commercial buildings. We always put a distinct focus on Edina and other captivating neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.


Our company’s expertise includes skillfully blending new homes amongst established ones. The Remodel team knows the importance of keeping the process simple and worry-free, and they work closely with clients to custom tailor each home. Remodel provides the highest quality experience and materials, but knows that true luxury is found in everyday real living–sharing life with the people that matter most.


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Executive Managers

Gregory Winesquare



Gregory initially started his career in the construction industry way back in 1975 because of his sincere interest in how do the new buildings and structures get built from the ground up. Eventually, after working at the construction company for quite a long time and achieving an executive-level position there, Gregory decided to adjust his career course a bit and focused on home remodeling & renovations.

Bryan Wilson



Bryan’s path in the construction industry started 25 years ago when he was hired as a subcontractor for a major skyscraper’s renovation by the HGDJD firm. Since then, his interest in the remodeling sector of this business has spiked dramatically, making his way to becoming a part of our company’s team. His protracted expertise and unique and long experience are absolutely critical to our success!

Josh Wagner



Josh currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at the Remodel company, ensuring that all of our business operations are intact and efficient. As an Operating Officer  Josh is held accountable for providing the leadership needed to develop the company’s operations and strategic priorities. He is obsessed with creating a company culture where employees love coming to work in the morning!

Luis Maxwell



In early 2000, Luis founded our Built-to-Ship separate business service department, which featured the simple, appealing and environmentally sound concept of building small second homes and then delivering them via container overseas and/or to rural destinations. Following Hurricane Katrina, Luis curated an effort to build a Creole-style prefab home.

Ken Ferguson



Ken’s interest in the construction business started way back in his childhood, as he was helping his aunt on their family ranch during summers. Eventually, his love took a professional turn and he started a real career in the construction industry in 1989 at Ygand Corporation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During his 15 years with Ygand, Ken worked his way up from an apprentice level position to being a union journeyman carpenter!

Edward Elliott



With both his father and grandfather being construction workers and managers, specializing in the concrete works, Edward still believes that building great homes starts with a foundation first and foremost. Edward is a people’s person, interacting with people and is an excellent communicator. All of these character traits are important skills that Edward brings to each of his building projects. Edward came to our company 12 years ago.

Pat Nelson



Before becoming a part of our remodeling company, Pat worked as an on-site property manager for a big real estate company. It was there where Pat learned such essential construction industry skills as plumbing, carpentry, painting, renovation, and management skills. He also worked for a huge construction company as a sub-contractors manager,  overseeing hundreds of projects. After getting his real estate license, he started his own…

Greg Hughes



Always seeking to be a part of the best companies in the industry, Greg joined  our team in early 1999, following his move from Oregon. His expertise in leading the pre-production process is essential, just  as it allows him the opportunity to understand the specific requirements of the client and apply them to the project. Our team approach lets him guide clients to great choices, smoothing and streamlining the actual construction process before the…

Customers Speak Up!

Category: Kitchen Remodeling


As an official fro North Dakota's state government, I want to thank the Builderry construction company. On behalf of the citizens of the state, we're so grateful for this new, innovative building! This allows North Dakota to hold its legislative operations in a contemporary, progressive architectural environment!


— Deborah Quagmire

Category: Home Remodeling


This bridge project was funded by small and medium business of Rhode Island, as well as by its private citizens. After the hurricane hit our shores recently, we all were concerned for the Okaloppo river not having a proper landline connection. But now, after Builderry company finished the project, the county can enjoy its new, beautiful infrastructure!


— Benedict Arnold

Category: Office Remodeling


A a part of our expansion effort, we decided to open a location in the state of Georgia. We were impressed, to say the least, when we saw the bold design concept, penned by Builderry company. But the completed shopping mall's building, finished 2 (!) weeks earlier than planned, just left us speechless and delighted!


— Gerald Cutler